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Voyeur outdoor sex videos - real and authentic!

Private couples have been filmed with a Nightshot-Camera at night using infrared light, which only the camera can see, not the human eye.

Private-Voyeurs also has day-films at times, beside the night-films. Faces are covered by a gentle pixel mask in order to legalise publication.

You can stream and/or download a number of voyeur movies - each ca. 60 minutes - in our downloadshop and also watch a previewclip for each there.

Private-Voyeurs usually issues four to eight hours new outdoor sex voyeur film per year; thus latest after two to three months, you will be presented a new voyeur movie.

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Voyeur couples being filmed, is that legal?

Everything in public may be filmed according to European law. Opposite to filming into houses or cabins - that is not allowed. Still one should not be detected - or be away quickly enough - an aggressive reaction may follow otherwise. Publishing such voyeur pictures requires that no person can be identified. A mask is therefore applied to cover the faces and other identifying characteristics. An exception is prominent people - public pictures of them may even be shown without masking.

What about other voyeur or outdoor sex pages in the web, do they show real voyeur movies?

Most of such voyeur or outdoor sex pages have to be judged a fake, with the exception of e. g. the nightslingers. It is not allowed to film into houses, changing rooms, tents, etc. Only outdoor sex action in public may be filmed and when published, faces and other characteristics of the persons have to be covered with a mask, if it is real voyeur material.

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